About Us

MOHSG operates in the Greater Manchester area, promoting health and safety matters via regular meetings, seminars, video presentations and the publication of reports.

MOHSG can provide:-

  • Presentations on topical subjects in plain non-technical language, by persons competent within their field. An opportunity for discussion and questions is provided.
  • Contact and opportunities for discussion and the sharing of information with health and safety professionals, persons from other businesses and organisations, training specialists, equipment suppliers etc., many of whom will provide help, information and where possible assistance.
  • Access to free literature and information on a comprehensive range of Health and Safety topics provided by the Health and Safety Executive and also the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to which the group is affiliated.
  • Visits to factories and other facilities occasionally, to gain an insight as to how other organisations manage various health and safety issues facing them.

What are the key benefits?

The regular meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons every two months. They are usually attended by a HSE representative and sometimes by an inspector, who combines news on regulations and official government publications with first hand authoritative information on problems that members raise. For further information about these meetings, refer to the News section of the website. The group often holds an annual seminar to coincide with European Health and Safety Week.

Attendance at meetings can contribute to progression of IOSH CPD plans. You could credit one point per day meeting or seminar where upon reflection, you consider this to have been of benefit in meeting the objectives of your personal CPD plan. MOHSG further provides a safety information service to its members. Membership of the group is available to any organisation or individual for a very modest sum, currently £35.00 per annum. For further information, see how to join.